Month: September 2011

Case Statement for Akilah

I’ve been interested in the small East African nation of Rwanda for a long time. Maybe it had something to do with the giant “R” on their former flag or the beautiful, green landscape of its rolling hills. I read about the nation and its history. After the genocide of 1994 I have been amazed at the resiliency shown by its people.

I learned about an organization called the Akilah Institute for Women. Their goal is to provide an education specific to the hospitality industry for young women in Rwanda. It provides them with the hope of a better future for themselves, their families and their country.

Akilah is planning on building a new campus outside the capital of Kigali. The school will expand into other programs such as business and agriculture. It’s a huge undertaking and will need the support from many people to become reality. I designed the 12 page case statement brochure shown here which will aid in this effort.

Please check the Akilah Institue for Women website for more information: