Month: November 2011

Signs at Occupy Orlando

Earlier this month I attended a downtown rally of the Occupy Orlando movement. I’ve read a lot about the Occupy movement and its impact across the country and world and was interested in experiencing it in person. I believe the spirit of the movement is overwhelmingly positive and finally brings the issue of massive income inequity to the forefront. I also think the message is being lost since there isn’t one cohesive voice to speak for the Occupiers. That probably in a way is their strength as well. It really is a communal organization. There isn’t a hierarchy and no one seems interested in attaining any position of power.

I found the signage at the rally to be mostly the homemade variety. There were some catchy phrases. There were also signs from other groups mixed in such as those for racial equality, union activists, anarchists and environmentalists. It was a true melange of different interests. They all marched in unity down Orange Ave. to City Hall and then back up to Senator Beth Johnson park filling the air with chants of protest and demands for justice.

I really hope change happens. And if it actually does, the people contributing their time and effort to “occupying” deserve some of the credit.

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