Month: December 2012

Orange Leaf Outdoor Signage

I’ve been working on branding pieces for Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt in Sarasota for the past year and this was the most fun project I’ve done so far. I created two 24″ x 36″ panel graphics for an outdoor sandwich board. You’ve probably seen many sandwich boards in front of sub shops or restaurants showing that day’s menu and specials. We decided to create a sandwich board that was lively, colorful and left a memorable brand impression.

We needed to show the product prominently to tempt customers to stop in and try some froyo. We created a message “Made Fresh Daily” for one panel. This emphasizes the fact that Orange Leaf makes its yogurt on site everyday providing the freshest froyo product on the market. For the other panel, we wanted to show the fun of creating your own dessert masterpiece with the various fresh toppings offered daily. We came up with “Awesome Toppings” and “Yummy Froyo” as the headline to drive home this product attribute.

This outdoor messaging has led to increased sales for Orange Leaf Sarasota. The client was extremely happy and now many more passersby are tempted to take a peek inside and try some froyo for themselves.