Month: January 2013

A New Style of American Steakhouse

I recently completed this full page ad for Hilton Orlando’s fabulous steakhouse, Spencer’s. This ad is really a continuation of the brand-building project I first began last summer with a quarter-page ad published in Edible Orlando (see my post from June 2012).

When I was first assigned these projects I took a look at the current positioning of Spencer’s and found there wasn’t a defined look for the restaurant. It’s a tremendous steakhouse offering local, organic produce and the finest steaks and seafood. They needed to convey that feeling of a fine steakhouse right here in Orlando. I’ve created a dark, oak background for the ad which matches the feeling of the decor in the restaurant. It also lends a feeling of natural beauty and resonance. It lets the consumer know: the food here is fantastic and the surroundings are beautiful as well. The client wanted to highlight the menu as much as possible so many of the best dishes are displayed prominently.

This ad was published in the January/February issue of and Travelhost magazine. So far, reaction has been positive for Spencer’s. Customers continue to discover this gem inside Hilton Orlando and are continually amazed by the sumptuous steaks and seafood served every day.