Month: April 2013

Contemporary Glass Sculpture Exhibit














I recently visited OMA for the Contemporary Glass Sculpture exhibit going on until May 12. There is a wide array of impressive pieces from sculptors such as Dale Chihuly, Lino Tagliapietra and others. I was most impressed by two large architectural installations by the de la Torre brothers.

Einar and Jamex de la Torre grew up in Mexico and relocated to California when they were young. Their pieces at the exhibit contained glass figurines of ancient Mexican gods as well as objects of modern life such as Coca-Cola bottles, dice and old rifles. The colors and shapes were bright and intricate and made you feel like you were visiting a carnival in Tijuana. Both towers also contained a vintage color television set mounted at the top which played a video of quick-cut images of life in modern Mexico interspersed with religious images of the Catholic Church and landscapes of the Mexican desert and mountains. It was a lot to absorb. It left an impression of the deep impact these two bordering countries have had on each other’s culture. Check out their site to see examples: