Month: October 2013

The Maitland Rotary Arts Festival

The Maitland Rotary Arts Festival is this weekend and I decided to check out the work of the many artists on display. I’m always impressed by the physical beauty of the surroundings at Lake Lilly where the Festival is held. It feels like a sanctuary in the midst of the suburban sprawl of Central Florida. The giant oak trees cover the scenic sidewalks as you stroll around the lake. Ducks and herons casually stroll by as if you aren’t there. The surrounding neighborhood of old, stately homes adds to the ambience.

This year’s Festival had over 150 artists from many states covering a wide range of mediums. I was drawn to many of the artist working in multimedia and in a more graphic style. The works of Sean Barry, Jason Hunt, Lynn Whipple and Robert Ross stood out as the most dazzling. There were many jewelry and ceramics artists as well. It was an impressive display of talent.

After strolling the lakeside tents of the artists, I wandered into the Rotary Hall where the local student art was on display. This part of the show impressed me the most. There were displays of artwork from students from many high schools, middle schools and elementary schools in the area. Much of the high school work was done with high-level technical skill and artistic expression. And it wasn’t just digital media. All varieties of media were covered: charcoal, oil, acrylic, watercolor and sculpture. I didn’t create anything on that level when I was in high school art class. The future of the Central Florida arts community is in good hands.

You can check out the Festival this weekend at Lake Lilly in Maitland.