Month: November 2013

See Art in Downtown Orlando

For those who say our fair city is nothing but a backwater tourist town, behold, we now have large-scale art sculptures in downtown Orlando! So it’s only eight sculptures for now, mostly around Lake Eola and City Hall, but it’s a start. See Art Orlando is a non-profit organization set up by the city to bring “exceptional outdoor public sculpture that will enlighten and enrich our lives.”

I visited Lake Eola today to take a closer look. There is definitely more of an “art” feel as you stroll past the swans and joggers that usually line the walkway. The most striking piece is Muse of Discovery by Meg White. A giant limestone sculpture of a woman laying supine while certain parts of her body are strategically¬†covered by mounds of grass and shrubs will greet walkers who approach the lake from Rosalind Ave. It will startle most viewers.

Orlando may not be on the same level as Chicago or Philadelphia when it comes to large-scale public works of art, but See Art Orlando is definitely a move in the right direction. Check out some of the pieces below: