Month: September 2014

Twomey Design Website – Rebranded

My website has been redesigned. Yes! After spending a good deal of time working with Adobe Muse I have rebranded my site. It took a little time getting the hang of Muse but after a while I enjoyed the ease of use. After spending many years designing my sites using a combination of Photoshop, Fireworks and Dreamweaver, Muse definitely is a big improvement for non-coders like me. The widgets in Muse are especially helpful when it comes to implementing forms and interactivity.

I also created a tablet and mobile phone version of my site. Mobiles sites must already top desktop versions for most hits.

I created a bold, graphic style that emphasizes my location in beautiful Orlando as well as my client work. And it’s all displayed in my branded colors of red and charcoal gray of course. Please take a look around and give me your feedback: