Month: June 2016

Orlando Rallies in a Time of Crisis

The past two weeks have changed Orlando. I’ve lived and worked in the city for 20 years and we are not the same now. The horrific shooting at Pulse nightclub and the killing of Christine Grimme destroyed lives and took away a piece of Orlando’s innocence. We were the “happy city” where the world came to vacation and have fun. We’re not as naive as we used to be. It can happen anywhere just like the experts always said. In the past few weeks I’ve attended vigils and went to the LOVE BY DESIGN event which helped raise funds for the victims families by selling posters and artwork created by local designers.

Orlando is still in shock and mourning. It will take time to recover. There probably isn’t a full recovery in a sense. The positive side is Orlando has shown a strength and unified cooperation that is inspiring to see. I’ve never seen the city so together and strong. #OrlandoUnited

Lk Eola vigil 3Lk Eola vigil 2Lk Eola vigil 1Love by Design 1Love by Design 2Love by Design 3